The ease with which it can be put into operation and the speed with which applications are changed without wasting application solutions is our greatest feature. Prosizer applicators are able to save up to 15 kg of starch / ton of paper produced, with up to 50% reduction in steam after drying. Our Workstations are capable of managing standalone applications on each side of the paper, be it water, starch, ink, water barrier, fat barrier. Everything is at your fingertips, with spare tanks, and various product movement routes, including reverse routes, for quick production changes, effectively improving the objective production of each production class.

How it all began

Our team has always been to the largest paper producers in Brazil, revising every 45 days on existing applicators on the market today. Our biggest challenges were to break down the equipment at the first stop with intervention only at the next stop. Today, after 20 years, our team, along with operators, has developed Prosizer. “Simple where it has to be, and with lots of resources where it needs to be.”

Application System

A special paragraph for the Application system is required as our system has the versatility to work (and are already working) with machines operating from 350 m / min to 1450 m / min. Our application system can also operate on non-Prosizer equipment, ie it can be installed on equipment where printheads already exist, giving the customer a chance to improve on systems considered old.

Wear Elements

Overflow rulers, bar racks, are consumables that will be part of your everyday life, and represent costs that need to be taken care of. Hours and hours of engineering were invested to obtain the best results in the market.

Today, our latest engineering overhaul meant that the overflow rulers lasted 1 year in operation and were replaced for preventative maintenance only.

Have you ever heard of 1 year bar racks in operation? Our only wear element is the bar holder insert. Small, malleable and easy to carry, requiring no large boxes to handle.


There are geometry configurations in the sheet path tracing in the applicator region that can greatly improve tipping. Imagine a 3-minute cut-off time for each piece of paper. Well, that's the study we did based on a survey conducted in various factories with applicators, and with various geometries. Once installed, nobody else looks at it, because the equipment is already installed, however, we do, and we can conclude.

That's 3 more minutes of paper in the reel at each break.

That's why our tip-through and leaf breaker systems, which are Prosizer-owned equipment, are so important.

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